Monday, January 2

Sex and Lies... Part 2

There is nothing new under the sun. The game is as old as dirt...
Very early in a girl's life, mothers tell daughters to be “a good girl”. Good girls are well behaved, nice, a good friend, make good grades, trust their parents, stay out of trouble... and don't have sex before marriage. That's what bad girls do. So, boys are kept at bay. The message... “who you are” is way more valuable (and important) than "the way you look".

At the same time, those girls are bombarded with thousands of messages that portray women as sex objects. They learn to value, even idolize, the virtues of pretty, sexy, skinny, blonde... after all, they have their rewards. Capturing a boy’s attention is now a good thing. They are encouraged to want the sexual attention of the opposite sex. They are told it's perfectly normal. Soon, "the way you look" trumps "who you are".
Their value is now based on,"How well do you attract a guy's attention?"
That's when the game earnestly begins. All girls quickly catch on to be discreet when they go about attracting a man’s sexual attention. After all, girls who are overt and blatant about their efforts are whispered about and called names. The flip side to the good girl message is, if they want the sexual attention, if they like it, which they do, they're only supposed to want to be sexually desired by one man, their future husband.

In that context, these girls claim...
  1. The new game usurps control from the boys, putting them in control
  2. Hookups better meet their needs.
  3. Too busy to invest in a serious long term relationship with the opposite sex.
  4. Girlfriends have replaced deep intimate relationship with the opposite sex.
  5. Peer pressure.
Know that 1-4 are lies. Blatant lies. The girls know they're lying, as does the author, and yet it is portrayed as TRUTH.

The TRUTH is girls have always valued male attention above all else. It makes them more confident. Boosts their self-image. Can instantly improve their mood. But, most importantly, male attention increases their social standing with their peers... other females. The goal of this game is the same as it always has been for women: securing the attention and commitment of a man.

Girls say they have each others back, but they don't because they compete for a limited supply of male attentionthe top quartile of men. Attractive. Successful. Money. Tall. Athletic. Educated. Witty. Girls know half of these men are taken, leaving them to fight for the rest. These "numbers" likely explain why females have always been jealous, catty, and way too competitive. It is their nature.
In the "Male Attention" context, the lies (1-4 above) are a attempt, a rather transparent one, to redefine the overt behavior of attracting a guy's sexual attention as acceptable, even honorable, rendering sexual reputation as insignificant. Trivial. Obsolete as the go-to weapon to shame girls with a "high number" for the express purpose of pushing them down the social ladder, while elevating the girls who "play by the rules." 
This new culture is ultimately about changing the rules. They want the once shameful behavior, promiscuity, to be considered as normal, honorable, even courageous... anything positive. Make no mistake, the girls are the real losers. They have bought the LIE.

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