Sunday, April 7

Wednesday vs Friday (2)

To further clarify about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Wednesday Jesus was buried before sunset and the start of the Annual Sabbath.

NIGHT #1 Wednesday night
Annual Sabbath starts at sunset

DAY #1 Thursday
Annual Sabbath (high day) 1st Day of Unleavened Bread
Tomb is guarded and sealed

NIGHT #2 Thursday night
Annual Sabbath ends at sunset

DAY #2 Friday
Women bought spices for anointing Jesus' body.

NIGHT #3 Friday night
Weekly Sabbath begins at sunset.

DAY #3 Saturday
No work. The women rested.

Late Saturday evening, possibly just before sunset, Jesus is resurrected. The women slept that night, awoke early Sunday to find the tomb empty.

Contradictions simply do not exist.
72 hours means 72 hours.
Three days and three nights means three days and three nights.
The Bible is sufficiently detailed to satisfy the most ardent skeptic.

As for Good Friday... I believe Christians did not celebrate Jesus' death on Friday or the resurrection on Sunday. The whole celebration used to be based on the Jewish Passover and would fall on different days. Not until Emperor Constantine (I believe) fixed Easter on Sunday did church leaders mark Good Friday based on Jesus' death occurring before the Sabbath.

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