Monday, April 15

Question for today April 15, 2013: What do Christian colleges offer to justify their tuition?

Why should a high school graduate choose a Christian college or university, especially a student who believes in Jesus Christ?

Is paying 2-4 times more for an education an example of Biblical stewardship?

What value do Christian colleges and universities offer over public options?

Public universities: $10k-$15k
Private Christian colleges: $25k-$40k

Wheaton College: $30,880
Bluffton College: $28,000 (various scholarships available to reduce expense)


T. E. Hanna said...

I don't know that it would be as accurate to say "Christian bs Traditional" as it is to say "public vs private". Christian schools must be private by necessity, which cuts them off from public funding. Unfortunately, this is then reflected in tuition costs, as that becomes their only decent means of sustainable income.

At least, that is my understanding.

Stack said...

I appreciate your comment. I edited the question and post to reflect the private vs public suggestion.

Why should a Christian high school student choose a Christian college/university?