Monday, December 23

Duck Dynasty, GLAAD, WestBoro Baptist Church

GLAAD Releases “Most Unwanted” List Of Homophobic Talking Heads

GLAAD: Time to scrutinize anti-gay pundits' media appearances

GLAAD Launches Project to Warn TV Producers About Extremist Guests

Homophobic, Anti-Gay, Extremist...  are GLAAD labels for those organizations and people who oppose gay marriage and/or quote God's Word on homosexuality.

The irony in all of this... it seems GLAAD, A&E, Cracker Barrel, MSM, and the Westboro Baptist folks all agree that "GOD hates fags".

God does not hate homosexuals... He hates SIN and homosexuality, per God's Word, is SIN. God has clearly stated that He doesn't hate the sinner.

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